Repost from @simplyremedial : We love it when people become more self aware. Amazing things are happening! Read Nathan’s story 👇

Around 4 months ago I thought my posture was pretty good until I did the photoshoot for Simply Remedial and realised that my posture was ‘shit’ to put it bluntly. As you can see by looking at the picture that I was hunched over. Fast forward to today, will plenty of help from Kimberley, Brent and Greg (Pilates, Mobility, GPP) my posture is the best its ever been and will only get better. I’ve been able to educate my clients because I’ve been more self aware about my body. No more lower back pains because I’ve been strengthening my glutes & hamstrings and also keeping a good posture while treating. I’ll do another update in the future to let you know how I’m tracking.

P.S I’m still wearing my barefoot shoes and getting no ankle pain. I love barefoot shoes so much that I got some VIVOBAREFOOT trail FGs and so I can wear while footy umpiring this year.


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