Corporate Massage

Do you own an office based business?

Have you considered offering your employees on site massage to help boost their productivity and ease minor muscular aches and pains?

I’m looking to take on some corporate work, as well as potentially working in retirement villages/nursing homes either for the staff and the residents.

Corporate massage has been around for a long time and is quite popular in office workplaces in our cities.There are a few ways this can be done.

Things to consider are:Seated massage or lying down on a portable table.Access to a meeting room or similar for privacy

Do you have enough people interested to fill a 2 hour block?

Seated massage can be 15-30min

Table treatments can be 30-45minSeated massage is through clothing

Table massage can also be done through clothing, common requests are for neck and shoulders, so for a table massage the shirt can be removed if necessary.

Payment can either be made by the employer or directly from the clients themselves. The price will be based on a minimum 2hr working block allowing for time either side to set up, pack up, travel etc. Total time on site can be up to 3 hours. These treatments are not claimable on health insurance.

Depending on the size of your workplace a monthly visit could be a good place to start.

Interested? Contact Brent 0402 926 205 for a quote.