Anxious about picking a Remedial Massage Therapist?

Repost from @simplyremedial : FAQ – Who should I book in with? 🤷‍♀️It can be daunting seeing someone new and bodywork is no exception. Anyone else get anxious about trying a new hairdresser??

So hopefully this post helps direct you.Nathan – therapeutic & deep tissue massage, Remedial massage. Trigger point therapy, sports massage, maintenance massage, rock taping. WorkSafe Provider & corporate massage. Nathan also prefers to use balms and creams instead of oils, so you won’t feel all greased up!

Nathan is a football umpire during the winter and cricketer during the summer. He has been with us for nearly 6 months. Fun fact: Nathan grew up working in his Mum’s Day Spa here in Mildura!

Brent – Remedial massage, muscle activation, strategies for pain management & resolution with exercise. Brent doesn’t use much massage in his treatments these days, opting for muscle activation and if needed cupping, gua sha & electrotherapy.

Brent is also a Personal Trainer and co owner of our gym The Weight Buffet. Fun fact: when I met Brent he has bowed legs and struggled to touch his toes! You wouldn’t know that now!

So hopefully that helps! Different therapists, different backgrounds, different approaches. Both work well together. #mildura#remedialmassagemildura#remedialmassage#massage#massagemildura#whatsoninmildura#milduratalks#thefunctionaljoint#simplyremedial#theweightbuffet#selfcare#health

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